“The Venus Hottentot (1925)” as a network

At MSA13 this week, I will be presenting a couple of ways I have started mapping ekphrasis using social network analysis. The following visualization is a very early working through of how to identify “nodes” in the poem and how to define their relationships. In this case, I have “named” the subjectivities, voices, locations, languages, and “actors” within the poem. Then, in an Excel spreadsheet, I placed any subject initiating an action (defined as describing, narrating, relating, comparing, envoicing, placing, observing, etc) in the first column and the correlating object of that action in the second column. In other words, this formalizes my understanding that ekphrasis is something done to something else by someone else for someone else. The following is only a very preliminary visualization using the Network Diagram tool in Many Eyes.



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